Business dining Restaurant

Do you need a nice and charming place to conduct your business ? Well don’t look any further, L’Authentic Restaurant, located at the heart of the French Riviera is the best business dining restaurant in the area.

Conduct your business in a professional atmosphere at L’Authentic Restaurant


But first, what exactly is a business restaurant and how does it differ from any other?

First of all, it must be near a commercial center where most hotels and major businesses are situated. Second, it must serve good food, but, even more important, it must have superb service. A deal may not fall apart if the lamb chops aren’t perfectly cooked, but if the staff is rude or the waiter spills wine on your guest’s lap, forget it.

Well, do not be worried, because our business dining restaurant combines all the qualities listed above. About the location, L’Authentic is situated in Nice, at a 5 minutes walking distance from all the commodities and the Mediterranean Sea. The food, a mix of French and Italian cuisine, is simply divine and the staff is always there to answer to your every need.

Last, the business dining restaurant must have an ambiance that flatters your guest and makes him or her believe you value his or her business. But be careful. A restaurant that works well for a romantic date is usually inappropriate for business dealings.

L’Authentic Restaurant, where business opportunities meet delicious cuisine

The same can be said about choosing a trendy restaurant. Even if you can secure a table, if the place fills up with models dancing on the tabletop, it might be hard to concentrate.

Well what is good about our place is its adaptability. You want a casual atmosphere where you can enjoy a friendly and cozy ambiance ? Our dining area on the first floor can accommodate up to 70 people. You need a more confidential and intimate area ? That is not a problem. Our private room on the second floor of our business dining restaurant is available on booking and can accommodate up to 24 people.

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