Our main courses

The Gourmet Formulas : Lunch and Dinner from Monday to Saturday:

Appetizers + Main course : 22.90 €
Main course + Dessert : 22.90 €
Appetizers + Main course + Dessert : 26.90 €

The appetizers followed by ** are included in our set menus.

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Traditional French Salads

**Niçoise Salad: Green Salad, Tomatoes, Olives, Eggs, Tuna, Anchovies – 14.80€

**St. Marcelin Salad: St Marcellin Cheese on Toast, Green Salad and Tomatoes  – 13.80€

**Provencal Salad: Provencal Stuffed Vegetables, Octopus, Tomatoes, Mozzarella and St. Marcellin Cheese – 16.80€

**Marinated Salmon, Green Salad and French Fries – 16.80€

**Salmon Tartar (raw Salmon), French Fries – 16.80€

**Crab and Avocado Tartar XXL, French Fries and Green Salad – 16.50€


Traditionals French dishes(meat and fish)

**Beef Tartar (raw or stir-fried), Garnish of the day – 15.90€

** Tagliata of Beef (sliced Rump Steak), Green Salad, Parmesan Cheese and Potatoes – 15.80€

**Veal Roast Steak with Balsamic Juice, Vegetables and homemade Potatoes Purée – 17.90€

**Heart of Simmental Beef Rump steak with Mushroom Sauce and Garnish of the day – 17.50 €

**John Dory Fish Filet with Risotto – 17.50€

** Veal Liver with homemade Potatoes Purée – 17.80€

ANGUS Beef Rib-Steak (Rib-Steak 250g), Amandine Potatoes and Vegetables – 21.90€

Gargantua of Beef (Rib-Steak 400g XXL), Amandine Potatoes and Vegetables – 35.00€

Lamb Shoulder XXL (for two persons) – 54.00€

Roasted Fish (approx. 500g): Sea bass Red Label or Sea Bream – 23.80 €


Homemade Pasta

**Vegetables and Goat Cheese Lasagna – 14.80€

**Homemade Gnocchi (Pasta) with Truffle Cream – 14.90€


Dishes of the day

Very attentive to the variety of our menu we produce between Four to Six dishes of the day depending on the market.
To know our week suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at 04 93 62 48 88

Origin of meat: European countries (Ireland, Europe, etc …)

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