Places to eat in Nice

Would you like to spend some good time in a nice restaurant in Nice and discover all the famous flavors from the French food? Come to discover this at L’Authentic Restaurant in Nice.

Why is it very difficult to find good places to eat in Nice?

Cause there is to many choice and because this city is a touristic one! That’s why you have to choose to go to a restaurant where local people are coming to eat. These kinds of places to eat in Nice are the best one.

Find the right place to eat in Nice

There is lot of restaurants in Nice France, so many places to eat, but which one you should try? Maybe you should come to try L’Authentic. A restaurant, a place where is it nice to eat.

Where are the places to eat in Nice?

There is many location where you can go to eat and with many restaurants. But most of these areas are touristic one. What do you think about spending time and eating in a place where locals’ people are going? You can decide to go on the famous Cours Saleya but on this place you will not really discover what is French food and Mediterranean one. So maybe you can take the decision to come to L’Authentic who is a nice place to eat in Nice and where people are very friendly.

The team is completely English speaking so it will be easy for you to choose products in harmony with what you like.

place-to-eat-in-niceContact us or make your pre-reservation online, but don’t forget to confirm your coming to our nice place to eat in Nice: L’Authentic restaurant by calling us. In that way we will be able to assure you the right table for the right occasion.