Restaurants in Nice France

You will come soon to Nice on the world famous French Riviera and you would like to discover a good restaurant where you can eat French food but you are still looking for restaurants in Nice France?

Why is it very difficult to find restaurants in Nice France?

Cause there is so many restaurants in Nice and also lot of types of restaurants in Nice France. That’s why it’s very difficult to find a restaurant who is serving typical French food.

Where is located L’Authentic restaurant in Nice France?

If you come to Nice for holidays it will be better to find a restaurant in Nice’s downtown. L’Authentic restaurant is just located near to the famous mall Nicetoile, very close from the central avenue called l’Avenue Jean Medecin.

Typical French Food in restaurants in Nice France

If you come to France, we are sure that you want to discover typical French food. At l’Authentic Restaurant you will discover typical French cuisine and you will love it for sure!

How to book a table in restaurants in Nice France?

If you are now convinced to discover French food from all these restaurants in Nice France at l’Authentic Restaurant, please contact us, we will be happy to give you our best table. You can contact us by this contact form.

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